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Warm Greetings from the Korean Education Center in New York.


Not only reaching the top 10 for its economy, the globalization of Korean culture represented by K-pop has brought rapid growth to its national status. As Korean celebrities representing in different fields are expanding beyond the Asian region to spread Korean culture to the world, more foreigners are making efforts to study the Korean language and culture.


The Korean government is making their best efforts to overseas Koreans in Language, Culture and History Education and to foreigners by conducting various projects to introduce Korea.


Accordingly, Korean Education Center in New York(KECNY)has been established to support overseas Koreans not only in New York but in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware. Within its jurisdiction, Korean Education Center in New York support approximate of 160 Korean schools, proceed establishment of Korean Language Programs in K-12 Public schools and other educational programs for overseas Koreans and students.


The Korean Education Center in New York will strive to heighten the status of our nation and to hold sense of pride through the continuous support for education in Korean Language, Culture and History programs. Moreover, KEC will make its best efforts to expand cooperation for education related matters between United States and the Republic of Korea.


Thank you again for visiting the Korean Education Center in New York website and many wishes to lifelong of  happiness and health.


Thank you.

Lee, Yong Hak

Director, Korean Education Center in New York