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Korean government invites native English teachers for public schools! (Spring 2013)

EPIK program of the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, invites responsible, enthusiastic native English speakers to gain experience while sharing knowledge and culture with students and teachers in Korea.

Successful applicants conduct English conversation classes for Korean primary and secondary public school students as part of the Korean govenment's aim to promote and strengthen English language education.

◆ Eligibility and Remuneration ◆

  ▶ Applicants must :
    - Have completed a bachelor's degree in any discipline.
    - Be a citizen from one of the seven designated countries where the primary language is English.
      ※ Ethnic Koreans with legal residency in a country where English is the primary language can also apply, 
           but must provide proof of English education beginning from the junior high school level.

    - Be fluent and proficient in the English language.
      ※ Korean fluency is not required.
    - Have completed TEFL/TESOL/CELTA(100+ hours) course
      (Only for a candidate who doesn't have a teaching career, certificate, or degree which is related to English Education,  
      Linguistics, MA in any major or Pedagogy)  

  ▶ Monthly Salary : 1.8 million KRW - 2.7 million KRW(approximately 1,600 ~ 2,400 USD)

◆ Required Documents ◆

  ▶ Mandatory Documents
     - Completed Application form with a passport sized photo
       ※ Forms can be downloaded from the EPIK website. (
     - Two recommendation letters
     - Apostilled copy of university degree(s)
      ※ Current students must initially submit a Letter of Expected Graduation and send the official apostilled copy of their diploma upon receiving it.
     - One sealed transcript
     - Apostilled original criminal record check (national level, issued by FBI)
     - Copy of Teacher's or TEFL/TESOL/CELTA(100+ hours) certificate   

  ▶ Optional Documents
     - Proof of full time teaching experience
     - Copy of legal residency certificate *
     - Proof of secondary school attendance *
       * Required only for ethnic Koreans with permanent residency but no citizenship in the English speaking country.

◆ Placements ◆

  ▶ Primary and secondary public schools and/or public educational training centers in Korea.

◆ Benefits ◆

  ▶ Free single furnished housing (utilities not included)
  ▶ Entrance allowance (1.3 million KRW) and Settlement allowance (300,000 KRW)
  ▶ Exit allowance (1.3 million KRW)
  ▶ Severance pay (about 1 month's salary)
  ▶ Paid vacation for 18 work days
  ▶ Free Orientation

◆ Duties and Responsibilities ◆

  ▶Assisting with or jointly conducting English classes with a Korean co-teacher.
  ▶Coducting English conversation classes for Korean students and teachers
  ▶Preparing teaching materials and activities for English language education.
  ▶Assisting with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities.
◆ Contract Period ◆

  ▶Spring 2014 placement :1 year (2013. 2. 26 ~ 2014. 2. 25 / 2013. 3. 26 ~ 2014. 3. 25 / 2013. 4. 26 ~ 2014. 4. 25)
   ※ Includes 10-day unpaid mandatory orientation before the contract period

◆ Working Hours ◆

  ▶ 8 hours per day, 5 days per week
  ※ Actual class instruction hours shall not exceed 22 hours per week.

◆ Application Office ◆

  ▶ Korean Education Center in Koean Consulate General in New York
      (335 East 45th St. New York, NY 10017) 
      Tel.  646.674.6047 
      Fax. 646.674.6055 

※ Deadline : 12.1.2012

◆ Application Process ◆

Please visit the website at 
▶Download the application form, and after filling it out, send it with other required documents to the application office. ▶ Interview in person or by telephone, depending on situation ▶ Receive the Notice of Appointment and 2 contracts ▶ Obtain E2-2 or F4 visa and arrange flight ▶ Send flight details to the application office ▶ Enter Korea ▶ Participate in the orientation ▶ Arrive at placement